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Beach Boys, The MFSL Gold CD Neu

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Beach Boys, The MFSL Gold CD Neu
Beach Boys, The MFSL Gold CD Neu
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The Beach Boys Surfer Girl/Surfin' USA 2 On 1 MFSL Gold CD Neu OVP Sealed UDCD 521 Erstpressung Japan Ultradisc I RAR


Erscheinungsdatum: 21. Juni 1989
Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL)
Import aus: USA
Format: Audio CD


Surfin U.S.A

1. Surfin U.S.A. (2:34)
2. Farmer's Daughter (1:52)
3. Misirlou (2:07)
4. Stoked (2:01)
5. Lonely Sea (2:24)
6. Shut Down (1:52)
7. Noble Surfer (1:54)
8. Honky Tonk (2:04)
9. Lana (1:42)
10. Surfer Jam (2:13)
11. Let's Go Trippin' (2:00)
12. Finders Keepers (1:43)

     Surfer Girl
13. Surfer Girl (2:27)
14. Catch A Wave (2:09)
15. The Surfer Moon (2:13)
16. South Bay Surfer (1:46)
17. The Rockin Surfer (2:01)
18. Little Deuce Coupe (1:40)
19. In My Room (2:14)
20. Hawaii (2:00)
21. Surfer's Rule (1:55)
22. Our Car Club (2:24)
23. Your Summer Dreams (2:28)
24. Boogie Woodie (1:59)

Review by Al Campbell
The Surfin' U.S.A./Surfer Girl two-fer from Capitol Records features a pair of early Beach Boys LPs. Originally issued in 1962 and 1963, respectively, these 16 pop tracks include the hit title tracks. This is an enjoyable reissue from the Beach Boys' catalog on Capitol, but most listeners would be better served with one of the many compilations in print.

Review by Richie Unterberger
Capitol pushed the Beach Boys for too much material in too short a time for the group to maintain as much quality control as would have been desirable. Consequently, most of their pre-1965 albums contain a high degree of filler, and thus stack up poorly next to those of such contemporaries as the Beatles, who were able to maintain high standards on almost all of their tracks. Surfer Girl does have some great tunes, including the title song, the hot rod ditty "Little Deuce Coupe," and "Catch a Wave" (which could have been a substantial hit single on its own merits). Most significant of all is the gorgeous ballad "In My Room," which anticipated future Beach Boys releases both in its sophisticated production (strings, organ, dense harmonies) and its personal, solipsistic lyrics. The rest is surprisingly mediocre filler, especially as at this point they were restricting their lyrical themes to beach culture almost exclusively; "Your Summer Dream," with its unusual harmonies, is about the most interesting of the obscure tracks. If you're not a dedicated Beach Boys fan, though, you should pass, as you can find the first-rate tracks on best-of anthologies. [Surfer Girl/Shut Down, Vol. 2, a Capitol two-fer CD, combines this and Shut Down, Vol. 2 onto one disc, adding the 45 version of "Fun, Fun, Fun," a German version of "In My Room," and the previously unreleased Brian Wilson composition "I Do."]

Review by Richie Unterberger
The real breakthrough, as Brian Wilson asserts himself in the studio as both songwriter and arranger on a set of material that was much stronger than Surfin' Safari. Besides the hit title track and its popular drag-racing flip side ("Shut Down"), this has a lovely, heartbreaking ballad ("Lonely Sea") and a couple of strong Brian Wilson originals ("The Noble Surfer" and "Farmer's Daughter"). There are also a surprisingly high quotient of instrumentals (five) that demonstrate that, before session musicians took over most of the parts, the Beach Boys could play respectably gutsy surf rock as a self-contained unit. Indeed, the album as a whole is the best they would make, prior to the late '60s, as a band that played most of their instruments, rather than as a vehicle for Brian Wilson's ideas. The LP was a huge hit, vital to launching surf music as a national craze, and one of the few truly strong records to be recorded by a self-contained American rock band prior to the British Invasion. [Surfin' Safari/Surfin' U.S.A, a Capitol two-fer CD, combines this and Surfin' Safari onto one disc, with the addition of three rare bonus cuts from the same era.]

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Beach Boys, The MFSL Gold CD Neu
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