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Loggins & Messina MFSL GOLD CD NEU OVP Sealed

Loggins & Messina MFSL GOLD CD NEU OVP Sealed

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Loggins & Messina Full Sail MFSL GOLD CD NEU OVP Sealed UDCD 733 mit J-Card

Erscheinungsdatum: 21. September 1998
Label: Mfsl
Format: Audio CD (CD-Anzahl: 1)


1. Lahaina (2:35) 
2. Travelin' Blues (3:46) 
3. My Music (3:06) 
4. A Love Song (3:12) 
5. You Need A Man / Coming To You (9:14) 
6. Watching The River Run (3:29) 
7. Pathway To Glory (8:40) 
8. Didn't I Know You When (2:41) 
9. Sailin' The Wind (6:10)

Review by William Ruhlmann
This is every inch a followup to Loggins And Messina, including a '50s rock & roll pastiche in the style of "Your Mama Don't Dance" called "My Music" that hit #16 as a single. Other notable material included Messina's island-rock anthem "Lahaina" and one of Loggins' sensitive-but-generic ballads, typically called "A Love Song." But then, the charm of L&M was that they could get away with something this sappy. Balance is the key to L&M albums, and it's the chief talent (among many) that producer Messina brings to them. Here, as on L&M's first two albums, he achieves a musical flow that's exhilarating, and the record is only denied a "finest" rating because the quality of the songwriting doesn't quite match those LPs.

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Loggins & Messina MFSL GOLD CD NEU OVP Sealed


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