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SPIRIT Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus MFSL Silver CD MFCD 800 Megarar

Erscheinungsdatum:  1990
Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Import aus: USA
Format: Audio CD


1. Prelude - Nothin' To Hide 3:43   
2. Natures Way 2:40   
3. Animal Zoo 3:11   
4. Love Has Found A Way 2:42   
5. Why Can't I Be Free 1:05   
6. Mr. Skin 4:00   
7. Space Child 3:25   
8. When I Touch You 5:37   
9. Street Worm 3:42   
10. Life Has Just Begun 3:30   
11. Morning Will Come 2:51   
12. Soldier 2:43

Album notes
Spirit: Randy California (guitar); John Locke (keyboards); Mark Andes (bass); Ed Cassidy (drums).
Includes liner notes by Marty Pekar.
TWELVE DREAMS OF DR. SARDONICUS represents Spirit at its finest hour. After three albums with producer Lou Adler (who had also signed them his label, Ode), the band brought in David Briggs, who'd previously worked with Neil Young. A real sense of camaraderie and experimentation runs through this entire work, which took longer to record than any previous Spirit effort.
"Nature's Way" has remained popular since its first appearance, and the album also includes "Mr. Skin," "Morning Will Come," and "Animal Zoo." The ambitious "Love Has Found a Way" would not have been possible earlier. This audacious blend of catchy pop and experimental sounds also includes the folkish--but also daring--"Why Can't I Be Free." Unfortunately, this was the band's final album. Randy California and Ed Cassidy continued to resurrect the Spirit name over the decades, but the perfectly balanced tensions of this original lineup were gone.

Review by Richie Unterberger
Although this has the reputation of being their most far-out album, it actually contains the most disciplined songwriting and playing of the original lineup, cutting back on some of the drifting and offering some of their more melodic tunes. The lilting "Nature's Way" was the most endearing FM standard on the album, which also included some of Spirit's best songs in "Animal Zoo" and "Mr. Skin." The 1996 CD reissue has four bonus tracks, though these are on the nonessential side: mono versions of "Animal Zoo" and "Morning Will Come," the 1970 single "Red Light Roll On," and the previously unissued "Rougher Road."


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