Jackson, Michael

Jackson, Michael
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Michael Jackson Invincible CD

Audio CD (29. Oktober 2001)
Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 1
Label: Epc (Sony Music)

Tonträger CD
Jahr 2001
Zeit 77:01
Plattenfirma MJJ Productions Inc.
Musikrichtung Pop
EAN-Nr. 5099749517424
Katalog-Nr. 4951742


1. Unbreakable 6:25    
2. Heartbreaker 5:10    
3. Invincible 4:45    
4. Break Of Dawn 5:32    
5. Heaven Can Wait 4:49    
6. You Rock My World 5:39    
7. Butterflies 4:40    
8. Speechless 3:18    
9. 2000 Watts 4:24    
10. You Are My Life 4:33    
11. Privacy 5:05    
12. Don't Walk Away 4:25    
13. Cry 5:01    
14. The Lost Children 4:00    
15. Whatever Happens 4:56    
16. Threatened 4:19


Sechs Jahre nachdem Michael Jackson mit HIStory sein letztes Studioalbum inklusive Best Of veröffentlichte, meldet sich der King of Pop mit Invincible zurück. Wie schon auf seinen Vorgängeralben bekam Jacko auch für Invincible wieder tatkräftige Unterstützung von Kollegen. Als Ko-Produzent der ersten Singleauskopplung "You Rock My World" fungierte, neben Jackson höchstselbst, Rodney Jerkins. Und damit holte sich der Neverland-Hausherr eine echte Hitgarantie ins Studio, denn Jerkins schrieb und produzierte schon für Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Monica, Babyface, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Will Smith und Toni Braxton. Jerkins zeichnet auch verantwortlich für die Songs "Unbreakable", "Heartbreaker", "Threatened" und "Privacy". R. Kelly steuerte den Song "Cry" bei, und der King of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley, schrieb und produzierte vier weitere Songs zusammen mit Michael Jackson.
So spektakulär jede neue Veröffentlichung von Jackson-Alben auch angekündigt wird: Unterm Strich bleibt Invincible die routinierte Arbeit eines Musikers, der weiß, was er kann, und der weiß, was sein Publikum von ihm erwartet: perfekt produzierte Dance-Musik à la "Blood On The Dancefloor", Bombast-Balladen im Stil von "Heal The World" und Rock-Kracher wie "Dirty Diana". Überraschung: Jacko macht erstmals richtig phatten HipHop. --Volkmar Neher
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Let's get the clichéd bad joke out of the way to begin with: At the time Michael Jackson released Invincible in the fall of 2001, he hardly seemed "invincible" — it was more wishful thinking than anything else, since he hadn't really had a genuine hit in ten years, and even that paled in comparison to his total domination of the '80s. That lack of commercial success, combined with a fading reputation as a trailblazer, a truly ugly public scandal, and swirling rumors about his diminishing finances, along with a huge wait between albums (by teaming his Dangerous follow-up with a hits collection, it wound up being overlooked, despite a gaudy publicity push), resulted in Jackson being deep down in the hole, needing to surge back out with a record that not only proved his talents, but his staying power. So, faced with a make-or-break record, what does Jackson do to save his career? What he's done since Dangerous, take a turn toward the street and craft a hard-driving, hard-polished urban soul album, heavy on the dance numbers and sweetened by lugubrious ballads. It's a proven formula for commercial success, but it not only doesn't push his music forward, it makes his reach seem rather timid when compared to the wildly rich, all-encompassing musical vision of Thriller and Bad. Here, he's reined in by a desire to prove himself, so he keeps his focus sharp and narrow, essentially creating a sparkly, post-hip-hop update of Off the Wall. It's not as good as that sounds, because the infectious joy and layered craft of that masterpiece has been replaced with a dogged, near-maniacal desire to craft something hip enough for the clubs and melodic enough for mainstream radio, thereby confirming his self-proclaimed status as the King of Pop (a really terrible title, btw). Since he is exceptionally talented and smart enough to surround himself with first-rate collaborators, this does pay off on occasion, even when it feels a little too calculated or when it feels a little padded. Ultimately, the record runs too long, losing steam halfway through, as it turns to a series of rants about "Privacy" or a deadly stretch of uncomfortably treacly, sub-"Man in the Mirror" songs about "The Lost Children," or when he says that he can't change the world by himself on "Cry." Fortunately, Jackson was clever enough to front-load this record, loading the first seven songs with really good, edgy dance numbers — even the opening "Unbreakable" isn't sunk by the creepy resurrection of Biggie Smalls — and lovely ballads, highlighted by "Break of Dawn" and "Butterflies" with its Bacharach-styled horns. Even if these are too self-conscious and a little mechanical (which they are), they still have a spark and sound better than anything Jackson has done since Dangerous. That's not enough to make Invincible the comeback Jackson needed — he really would have had to have an album that sounded free instead of constrained for that to work — but it does offer a reminder that he can really craft good pop. If only he was fueled, not constrained, by his obsessions, this could have been really interesting.

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