Ace of Base

Ace of Base
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Ace of Base Singles Of The 90's CD  Lit. Edition Blaue CD Schlachtel mit silberen Schrifteindruck 

Erscheinungsdatum: 15. November 1999
Label: Polydor (Universal)
Format: Audio CD (CD-Anzahl: 1)

Tonträger CD
Besonderheiten Best-Of
Jahr 1999
Zeit 59:40  
Label Polydor Int. Hamburg
Musikrichtung Pop
EAN-Nr. 731454322720
Katalog-Nr. 543 227-2


1. C´est La Vie Always 21 3:26   
2. The Sign 3:09   
3. Beautiful Life 3:40   
4. Hallo Hallo 2:51   
5. Always Have, Always Will 3:44   
6. Love In December 4:00   
7. All That She Wants 3:30   
8. Living In Danger 3:10   
9. Everytime It Rains 3:55   
10. Don´t Turn Around 3:48   
11. Cruel Summer 4:06   
12. Happy Nation 3:32   
13. Lucky Love 2:52   
14. Never Gonna Say I´m Sorry 6:33   
15. Life Is A Flower 3:44   
16. Wheel Of Fortune 3:40

Review by Jose F. Promis
As is so often the case, European albums and hit collections are usually miles superior to their American counterparts. The scenario repeats itself with Ace of Base, whose European hits collection, Singles of the 90s, includes six songs not featured on the American Greatest Hits. The American collection, to its credit, includes bonus remixes of "Lucky Love" and "Beautiful Life," but, honestly, would one prefer to have two bonus remixes of songs already included on the album or six altogether different songs? Singles of the 90s includes two new recordings not on the American album, those being the dance track "Love in December" and "Hallo Hallo" (the other new recording, featured on both albums, is "C'est la Vie"). In addition, this set includes "Living in Danger," which was a Top 20 hit in the U.S.; "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry," which also charted in America; and two stellar tracks from their debut album, The Sign: "Happy Nation" (the title track of the European version of The Sign) and "Wheel of Fortune." So, for fans looking for the best Ace of Base hits collection on the market who don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks, go with Singles of the 90s.

Condition: VG: VERY GOOD 

"Item Condition" notes:

SS / OVP:       CD & LP is factory sealed in shrink-wrap or cellophane.

NEU / NEW:      CD & LP is open and not yet played.(Achtung: = Nicht alle neuen CDs werden vom Hersteller eingeschweißt!)

NM: NEAR MINT   CD & LP Just about in perfect condition.

E:  EXCELLENT   CD & LP Near perfect, may show very light signs of use & maybe one very light scratch.

VG: VERY GOOD   CD & LP  CD has some very minor wear (several very light scratches or marks). If insert, may have dimple marks or very light wrinkles/folds,

G:  GOOD        CD & LP  Some to very heavier wear or tear (some to very scratches throughout the CD), still plays perfectly. If insert, may have some wrinkles, folds, ripples, tears or multiple case. If  case has cracked or is broken.

Demo-Copy:      CD & LP = Promo - not for sale - particularly rare!!

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Ace of Base
19,99 EUR
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